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Introducing Phase

We believe that even the simplest tasks can be made even simpler and more pleasant. For a long time we wanted to make a text app that can help hasty people stay organised without compromising their speed and efficiency.

Today, our answer is Phase.

With Phase we are refurbishing the way you generate text files. There shall be no more disorganisation, scattering of text files across your desktop, or bothersome search for 'the right place' to save them in.

Grasp it With a Challange

With any app of your choice, try writing and saving as a text file: “Hello World!”

How did it go? If you have managed to do it under 10 seconds, bravo, you win! If not, you lose... I bet you are asking how is it possible. The answer is: Phase! :)

Now imagine that you need to start those notes with our "Hello World!" every time you write them.
Yep, Phase has you covered here as well!

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